Bresser 208mm f/3.9 Fast Rich-Field Parabolic Newtonian Telescope

Bresser has made a telescope that is easy to set up and simple to operate. This high quality German-made instrument is designed for visual observing as well as astrophotography and is perfect for both beginners and experts alike.

With its large aperture of 208mm and short 812mm focal lenght it can be used for wide-field deep sky astrophotography and visual observations of stellar clouds, nebulae, and galaxies. Its no tool knob collimation makes precise collimation adjustments easy while the optional HR Coma Corrector allows you to pinpoint stars across the field of view at all magnifications without chroma aberrations caused by off axis light rays within your eyepieces or camera lenses.

  • f/3.9 Parabolic mirror optics offer superb overall performance, particularly in the deep-sky observing field with excellent contrast and sharpness on planetary objects

  • High-quality multi-coatings on one surface of all optical elements provide virtually zero light scatter & deliver exceptionally vivid colors without false halo reflections




Type Newtonian
Focal Lenght 812mm
Focal Ratio f/3.9
Eyepiece 2" with 1.25" adapter
Weight 22lbs
Parabolic primary mirror 208mm Diameter; Aluminum with SiO3 Overcoat; Special low expansion H-PZ33
Material Secondary mirror 71.45mm Minor Axis (34% Obstruction); 97% Reflective EMD Coatings; Low Thermal Expansion Borosilicate Glass
Mount type Vixen-Style Dovetail
Dust protection Front and Focuser Dust Caps
Mount included No