Explore Scientific


Explore Scientific 16" f/4/5 Newtonian Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope

Featuring the large light bucket users have come to expect from a Dob, the Explore Scientific 16" f/4.5 Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope  will give you the viewing experience you deserve.

Its large, highly reflective, parabolic primary mirror corrects spherical aberration to eliminate distortion across the entire field of view, especially at the edges.

The low-weight rocker box provides a rock-steady observational platform with high mobility and very low vibration.


  • Dual radial primary mirror fans adjust the mirror temperature to reduce distortion (runs on eight user-supplied AA batteries)
  • Highly reflective mirrors increase image brightness
  • Manual rocker mount design
  • High altitude bearings for a wide adjustment and travel range
  • Tension control handle allows for smoother rotation to reduce vibrations and limit over-compensation
  • Accepts 2" eyepieces and accessories
  • Helical focusers use a toothless design that allows for smooth and precise focusing without backlash
Focal Lenght 1826mm
Focal Ratio f/4.5
Primary mirror diameter 40.9cm
Secondary obstruction 25%
Mirror cell support points 9
Truss pole length 140cm
Truss pole diameter 25mm
Secondary cage assembly diameter 48cm OD
Secondary cage assembly weight 8lb
Secondary cage assembly height 17cm
Mirror box/rocker box height 42.5cm
Mirror box weight 66lb
Height to center of eyepiece at zenith 167cm
Theoretical limiting stellar magnitude 0.29 arcsec
Theoretical Rayleigh limit 0.34 arcsec
Theoretical limiting magnitude 15.74
Theoretical maximum magnification 800x


Note: Mirror weight can vary because of the manufacturing process; these values are approximate